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Get Creative


This course is aimed at beginners wanting to improve their photography. It is open to anyone with a camera , whether it is a DSLR, Compact point and shoot, mobile phone or tablet camera.

Are you the sort of person who feels they have a problem with photography? Do you frequently cut your subjects’ heads off, or are your shots blurred and out of focus? If you answer YES to this question then getting creative is the session for you.

Our Get Creative photography session aims to introduce you to lots of original ideas and encourage you to see the world with an artistic eye. The aim is to inspire you to stretch your creative legs when you go out and about with your camera. To capture these new ideas you will learn how to control and combine different camera functions creatively. A basic introduction to the principles of creative photography.

1 hour for £35.00

Choose your photography sessions online using Zoom or in-person

Bespoke photography workshops taught online using Zoom or in-person and completely tailored to you. If you use Zoom you will be sent a recording of your session so that you can access it any time if you need to go over anything again. For in-person sessions, a PDF booklet of the main topic will be sent via email so you can refer back at anytime.

The aim is to help you get creative and give you an understanding and the confidence to go out and shoot great pictures.

What to expect


The objective of the workshop is to make you visually aware of what makes good photography work and to introduce you to basic camera handling skills that will result in you producing more consistent quality images.

We will explore how to improve your composition in photography, what is the rule of thirds? Learn how to see creatively, how can colour harmony and balancing elements all work in our photography?

I will also provide some PDF handouts with some of the more technical terms, for you to use whenever you like. There will also be photographic examples of things we have touched on during the session. If you have any questions after you’ve taken this course please do get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to help.


Click on the button to book the date and time of your session

Once you have booked your date and time using Calendly you will be sent a confirmation email, For online using Zoom you will get a link to access your session. For in-person booking you will get a confirmation email with the date and time, and an email to confirm our meeting place.

You will also receive a reminder email about the time and date before your session is due to start.

Kind Words

Thank you Paula.  Thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and learnt so much.  Have my picture of Alfie (the dog) as my screen saver; love it. – Dianne