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Portrait Photography

Kids at the window - Paula Duck Photographer

This photography session is aimed at those who want to learn to take better portraits.

Fed up of not getting the picture you want? Come and learn how to improve your portraits of your family, friends and kids. Learn how to take great natural shots and how to get people to relax. We will look at different poses for your subjects, how you can use the environment and locations to get great shots and much more.

1 hour for £35.00

Online photography sessions using Zoom

Bespoke photography workshops taught online using Zoom and completely tailored to you. You will be sent a recording of your session so that you can access it any time if you need to go over anything again. The aim is to give you a better understanding of how the camera works and you will gain an understanding and the confidence to go out and shoot great pictures.

What to expect

Katy_Garner Paula Duck Photographer

This workshop is designed to help you will learn the basics rules around portrait photography and some useful hints and tips to take better photos with your own camera.

Whilst we will be learning online we will have our cameras to hand, whether it’s mobile phone, compact point and shoot or DSLR. You will be guided to understand how creating a good composition and posing your subject can really help produce a good portrait. 

I will also provide some PDF handouts with some of the more technical terms, for you to use whenever you like. There will also be photographic examples of things we have touched on during the session. If you have any questions after you’ve taken this course please do get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Marianna Portrait Paula Duck Photographer
Paula Duck Photographer
Tom Taylor Comedian Paula Duck Photographer
Twee - Paula Duck Photographer
Stall holder Knaresborough Market Paula Duck Photographer

Click on the button to book the date and time of your session

Once you have booked your date and time using Calendly you will be sent a confirmation email with a link to access your session using Zoom. You will also receive a reminder email about the time and date before your session is due to start.

Kind words

It was a really good course, I enjoyed it – I felt I learnt a lot in such a short time. – Nick